[REQUEST] Selection Quick Information in Editor

Build Info
Version: 1808360

Install Path: C:/Program Files/Rocket

OS: Windows 8 64-bit

RAM: 24 GB

Graphics Card: GTX 650 Ti 2GB GDDR5 – Driver 314.22


Selected objects display no information in the UI as in UE3.

Repro Steps
Select a StaticMeshActor in a map.

Notice that general information regarding the selection is no longer visible in the Editor.

Previously, I was able to quickly glean information through selection information visa-vis Shift-E or not.
Ex: “36StaticMeshActors Selected”
Ex: “Props_Temp.StaticMeshActor_2135 Selected”

Workflow slowdown and “Flow” slowdown.

It was often important for me to note an actor name via Selecting it and looking at the bottom of the Editor.

I expected to see legacy information somewhere in the UI. It’s very helpful for workflow. I also don’t need to see it in a panel, just on-screen information.

Hey David,

I put in this request for the team to consider. Thank you.

Best Regards,


Hey David,

If you want to the name of the actor you have selected you can see that in both the ‘Scene Outliner’ along with the ‘Details’ Panels. If this isn’t what you are looking for perhaps you could provide a picture for clarification?

Best Regards,


Hi, Ryan

Here is one suggestion.

The intent is to be able to focus your eyes on the main workspace and constrain eye tracking amongst the various tabs.

I will probably create a custom tab panel that is on my second monitor to free up as much screen space as possible.

Also, placing label text on screen will be difficult to read when you are working in an area of your map that has a value range approaching or brighter than the text itself. In order to read it, you’d have to move the scene into a darker area t provide context, and that is somewhat counter to the workflow.

One of my main goals is to minimize large eye tracking among the array of information in the UI.

Cheers !