[Request/Searching]3D Spaceship Movement

Hello, i am not able to create a Physics driven 3rd person space ship control, so what i am searching for is a blueprint tutorial which creates a movement like this, or something compareable. Unity Capital Ship Space Sim 01: Environment and Movement (Proof of Concept) - YouTube


have you looked at the landscape demo. it has a glider but the workings are all there.

Here is a quick example i made. Its not perfect but i hope it should give you an idea on how to proceed. It uses a PhysicsThruster to push the object forward. No side or backward movements though.

Download (requires UE 4.5.1 or higher)

oh my god thank you, with the Physic Thruster idea i managed to change my whole movement system… now its more fluently :smiley: (i think i will post it here once i am finnished)

I have a PID-controller (blueprint) on the way. That should be helpful when you start doing AI.
Physics driven flying doesn’t work well with AI. A PID is what would be used to make an autopilot in rl, any ways. Or at least it was back in the days…