[Request] Sample Perfect Audio Transitions

For background music in my projects, I’ve had the idea to use two separate WAV files. The first one would be an intro in the track, and the second file would be the actual looping part of the music. So I thought that I could do this in a sound cue with the concatenator node, but it seems this is not the case, as when the first WAV file finishes, you can hear a noticeable gap before the second one begins. This is because the concatenator node is not sample perfect.

I should also bring up that the looping node within the sound cue isn’t sample perfect as well. If you want seamlessly looping background music, you have to click on the audio file and make sure that the “looping” option is checked.

This doesn’t seem like that hard of a feature, and it would be extremely helpful in the future if there was a way to make seamless audio transitions. As of right now, I currently feel limited in the music that I can make for my projects. (It either has to have some sort of gap in it for me to switch from the intro to the loop, OR I would have to fade in the looping segment, which wouldn’t sound nearly as nice.)