[request] Run the game as though you have lesser pc specs installed

Due to my university have fairly bad pcs that just about run UDK, would it be possible for rocket to have some sort of limitation program/profiler built in? so my rig is 32gb ram 2600k 4.5ghz, maxed out overclocked gtx 670, without having to underclock(further than stock clocks) these things (and even then my pc still ran UDK really well) it would be great if rocket could allow us to simulate lower end pcs, like dualcore, 2gb ram, older generation graphics cards.

In the last year iv tried to make my games work for less power house Pcs, but its hard without the physical hardware at my disposal. not just for uni project(should i still be there when rocket is public), but mostly for my personal projects.

I like this idea a lot since i have had the same problem.

I have reported your feature request.

You may wish to investigate running the editor through a virtual machine. For some it is possible to simulate low end hardware.