[Request] Robot disassembled to seperate FBX files


we are a few people with engineering background working on physics based gaming/simulation.
The responsible person for Physics is dev10000. He got thrown out of here though after complaining a bit to much about market place prices. I am writing on his behalf.

So we have a self-balancing algorithm for robots (ragdolls) that keeps them upright by performing balance actions like humans do and allows different actions to be performed (jumping, walking, jetpacking, roller skating :slight_smile: etc… It is basically robotics and looks really smooth and natural by now.

To prototype the algorithm (to create it first place → difficult stuff) we just stitched a ragdoll together using contraint actors and UE4 primitives. That served us very well for figuring out the algorithm first place.
Now that the algorithm is figured out and running, we want to make our dummy look good and are wondering if there is anything around like single legs, arms etc…all in fbx.
We basically want to stitch a little robot together.

Later on we might access Phat assets contraints directly with the algorithm and then we can use in-one FBX models, but up to that point, we want to stick to standard contraint actors and manually stitch our robot together by replacing the primitives with proper models.

Maybe anyone knows of something that helps.

Your request sounds quite specific, and like you want it soon. Waiting for someone to add it to the marketplace might take quite a while.

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