[Request] Road Tool

I think it would be amazing to have something along the lines of a road tool in UE4. My favorite feature is that you can draw and edit the path and then align the height-map to it on your terrain if you wish. I feel like this would really be a nice thing and a real time saver.

Here is a video of it in action in Cryengine. Cryengine 3 Basics: The Road Tool - YouTube

Something along those lines would be amazing, or even take it a step further and make it some sort of spline deformer that can create more than roads. The key feature is the ability to align a heightmap I feel.


Cry Engine method doesn’t allow you to use a 3D model for your roads so this method is much more robust. Its worth the time trade off.

Yes, but few things:

  1. Currently splines are only for landscape.

  2. I don’t need to always use meshes. Decal projected along spline is more than enough in most cases.

Hey guys,

Thanks for your feedback. We do have plans to open up spline usage in more parts of the editor down the line, but for now it is limited. Once this functionality has been opened up, please let us know of any areas where it is lacking and I will be happy to make a feature request.



I think it has a good potential. For example could be very useful for adding tree lines by just editing the distance between the trees. Or for example If I want add a wood fence. So technically You can create roads, but it can be more powerful if we can use it as 3d posing tool too.

Hey Alex,

We actually currently do have a similar feature called Splines. When in landscape you can click edit splines then hold control and left click around where you want the splines to be then just apply the splines and it will auto height and smooth the landscape. Where ours differs as of right now is you can only apply meshes to the splines. I’ll put in a request to have materials be applicable as well.

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It actually is still streched mesh, it is just that this mesh behave like decal and it is streched along spline. It would be cool the have the same functionality.

i actually prefer how it works on cryengine too.
Because it is less time consuming, because i apply the spline/road and automatically it assignes a material. While right now you have to make the spline and then you color the surface.
So I way prefer the cryengine method !!
would be super awesome if it handles also crossroads, dinamically or change the material in the same piece of road.
I’m sayng it because my project is a rally game opend to modding, but would be great also for open-world games !!

Splines still very bugged and unusable for roads i think, and need much improvement.
Deform Landscape to splines - not work properly.
Splines cant be roads, because they dont have full contact with landscape, there is much wholes between landscape and splines or splines goes under landscape etc.
Thats only my 1st observations for 10 minutes inside Landscapes example.
I think road should behave like decal with full contact with surface.
But may be if my road model will be not thin, it could be acceptable, but sometimes i really dont need meshed roads, i just need decals for simple roads in woods.


Road Tool should look something like this.
Here is the list of features that Road tool should have.

  • Terrain deformation. Adjust the terrain under the road. Also,it should allow to smoth the terrain at the road sides by a distance controled by us.
  • Road intersections, crossroads, roundabouts.
  • Controls to clear object to a distance sideways of the road.
  • The option to close the road for race track simulation.
  • The option to blend the start and /or end of the road with the terrain for a fluent transition.
  • Side Objects. With this, we can add light, fences, Railing, barriers, Street lights, signs, etc.
  • A bridge and a tunnel system.
  • An option to generate waypoints for the roads, maybe based on the control points. This is good for any car ai to that follows roads paths.