[REQUEST] 'RInterp To' and 'RInterp To Constant' for floats, Vectors & 2D vectors.

The ‘RInterp To’ and ‘RInterp To Constant’ nodes are great for dealing with smoothed out and constant turn rates as they’re alot quicker to set up than Timelines when 1 or both of the input Rotators are changing frequently.

It’s a shame that there aren’t equivilant nodes for floats, Vectors and 2D vectors. Whilst it’s possible to mimic the behaviour in custom Macros, would you consider creating these Nodes?

These already exist, as FInterp*, VInterp*, and CInterp*, for float, vector, and color values respectively.

Michael Noland

Thank you, I couldn’t find them before :slight_smile:

Yea, RInterp just stands for ‘Rotator Interpolate’. All the others exist with their own prefix :slight_smile: