[REQUEST] RHI, Graphics Live Stream

Hello everybody! No doubt you are doing well lately with all in general, but I kinda feel I need to put this out there.

I think I do not speak only for myself, when I say that I want to get better and extend my knowledge in UE. Lately I have been involved in more rude stuff related to graphics and very often I find myself reading and reading more source code, like kinda endless files!, I have certain exp with OpenGL and DirectX but boy!!! I think a great part of the community will agree that there is not too much information about graphics in general. So I just thought to kindly ask for a live streaming session regarding to RHI and Graphics in general.

Here are some topics that I d love to know more and is listed as a kinda summary for such streaming:

1.- RHI overview
2.- Custom Global Shaders
2.- Vertex Factories, Custom primitive proxys
3.- Render Targets access backbuffer, copy info
4.- Viewport, ViewportClient
5.- FCanvas, draw api, Slate Make custom

I know this a complex topic and is not for everyone, so I would like to have as example the wonderful live streaming we had long time ago by [USER=“2289”]Michael Noland[/USER] where he explains how to extend the editor (C++ Extending the Editor | Live Training | Unreal Engine - YouTube this one for those interested). oh boy! the way he explain detail by detail is awesome, we should have him often!. Anyway the main point of this, is that as you can see he explains using real live examples and I would like to see real life examples for graphics in general, specially for render targets.

So anyway, how we can have something like this or similar? Thanks for reading, guys! :slight_smile:

Hungry of knowledge bump!

Hey ya!, this a shameless bump still hungry of knowledge, I found this presentation that explains a lot about RDG https://epicgames.ent.box.com/s/ul1h…hrohlzm53kxwrz in case some one is interested. Also if someone knows if that season was recorded somewhere, it will be really cool if someone can share the link