[request] Revert to asset to last saved version

Sometimes, I’ll want to mess with an asset(Particle system, material, etc.). But in messing with that asset, I decide that my changes are bad and want to go back to the way it was. Right now, the only way I know to do that is to carefully exit out of Rocket and don’t save the asset I was messin’ with. I’d love to be able to right-click or go to the file menu and revert/reload the asset back to the last saved condition.


Very nice idea. I agree this will be a cool feature. I too mess with cascade and materials and i always exit Rocket to revert them to original state.

Hey Tom,

Thanks for your feedback. We will discuss the possibility of future implementation of this idea with the developers. In the meantime, the easiest way to avoid save problems with your assets as you experiment is to create a copy of the asset in your Content Browser. Any saves to that copy will not touch your original asset, so you can edit without worry!

Hope that helps,

Ben Halliday

Thanks, Ben!

I can’t bring myself to create copies as suggested, it’s really messy and in some cases just won’t work. For instance, editing a particle system being used on a character or weapon, editing the copy won’t have an immediately preview-able effect without reassigning, recompiling, etc.

In addition to the old quit Rocket without saving trick, I also version using perforce and submit religiously, so I generally have a version that’s no older than a day to revert to as well. But, that’s really for emergencies.

Pushing the up arrows/star are not working for some reason, but I just wanted to +1 this. You’ve asterisks on assets that need to be saved, it seems like having a button to say “no, revert that to what it was” would be of tremendous use.

I would love to have this feature too :slight_smile:

Just save the file, then right click and select Source Control → Revert.

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Find the file in content browser, right click on the file

Asset Actions > Reload.