[Request]:Relative path for asset imports

I think it would be very useful if an asset is imported, then Rocket would check if it’s path inside the “Project” and if so, then stores the path to the original asset relatively.

I found it quite common to have some form of uncompressed source data inside different projects. For example, psd file is kept in separate folder structure out of Rocket Project folder, but export from that psd file is done into png, which is stored in the Project folder. Psd file could be kept in the Project structure too.

Anyway, if the path is stored relatively, it would allow for easier moving of the project files if necessary.

Hi Tomas,

I want to make sure I clearly understand the issue you are experiencing, and your request.

For an example of the issue: You have MyProject/Content/Artwork.png. And then inside of the Editor, you import that .PNG file into the Content Browser. Then you move the entire MyProject directory to a different location on your computer. If you open the project into the Editor, select the Artwork asset, and choose “Reimport”, it no longer knows where the original .PNG is located.

Am I correct about that being the type of issue you are experiencing?


Hi and yes, your explanation is correct.

It’s not a deal breaker, early deciding about projects structure, paths ans such should be common, but still keeping absolute path to assets in case they were imported from the project path seems like an unnecessary complication. Of course, if the import is done out of the project path, absolute path is necessary.

Great. I just wanted to be sure I understood. I have entered a Feature Request for relative path when the source assets are stored within the project directory.


For anyone who happens upon on this old issue, UE4 does use relative paths at the time of this writing (4.23). One relevant Editor Preference you will need to set to use it correctly is Data Source Folder, which you can find in Editor Preferences > General > Miscellaneous > Data Source Folder.

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For anyone who ran into an issue, where you copied some files but all the materials are missing textures etc. I’ve found a solution – open any .uasset using notepad ++ (or any other text editor) and look for the string /Game/

Apparently, Game is how Unreal is referring to the folder Content. So if your asset shows something like /Game/Vanguard/Materials/Textures/Fabric/T_Carpet it means that it’s looking for the folder Named ‘Vanguard’ inside the folder Content. So all you need to do, is close the editor, create the said folder and move all files there.