[REQUEST] Rebind control keys via bluprint at runtime

Is it possible to rebind engine input action hotkeys from blueprint at run time?

It looks like the functionality might be there, but I can’t find any documentation.

Make InputEvent
Make InputActionKeyMapping
Set members in InputActionKeyMapping
Get Input Event from Key Event


See, I just want to change the jump hotkey from spacebar to the H key from blueprints while the game is running.

Is this seriously too much to ask for? No offense intended.


Looks like everybody use Rama’s plugin for rebinding control keys, but i agree with you, it should natively be in the engine.

Hello, this request is currently in our tracker here: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-17987)

Thanks, I upvoted!

If I were to go learn how to code then make the nodes myself is that something that can be put into the engine through github?

I made key rebinding nodes for my projects and I would like to add them to the engine through Github (I think it is called “Pull request”) but I have no Idea how to submit my changes.