[Request] Project Naming & INI Wizards


Would the devs consider making naming projects a little easier? Right now when you double click a template, Rocket opens the file editor, and automatically creates a directory called MyProject and then names the .uproject file that too.

So I have a couple suggestions regarding this. When you’re creating a new project, and you double click on an option, have a separate dialog box prompt appear asking for a project name (make it check for illegal characters, of course). Assuming there are no illegal characters in the answer, and that the project folder / uproject doesn’t already exist, the answer that the user provides to the input field will be used to create a new folder with the project’s name within the Rocket Projects directory, and will also determine the name of the .uproject default filename. If the project can’t be used for the reasons stated above, throw an error and reprompt for a different project name (or offer an option to safely cancel out of project creation).

I might also suggest to the Epic team to expand this dialog box into a full blown New Project wizard that configures and modifies multiple ini settings from the get-go (e.g. Window resolution for PIE and standalone modes, the default map to open for this project, etc.).

Right now, all these ini files are in deeply nested file structures that appear to be all over the place, and so it makes sense to give the editor a place to keep all of that stuff together. Users spend LESS time fiddling around with configuration and more time on level design and programming.

Since the engine needs inis to run, have the wizard(s) create a .ini.REPLACE file from the settings provided, and then when the engine quits (or restarts), overrwrite the .ini file with the .ini.REPLACE file. And if the user wishes to revert to a previous change because they don’t like the new ones, have the engine create a .ini.bak file or something.

Also along the same line, config and C++ code settings changeable from within the editor. I’d like to see a wizard that gives users the ability to rename the project, and auto runs the generate batch file for example. I’d rather not see renaming a project (or even starting one!) become some big onerous task. People change the names of their projects for a variety of different reasons. Outgrowing the project name, trademark violation if used in commercial practice, arbitrary project name changing, etc. It’d be kind of bad if you’re stuck with just one name for the entire production cycle.

Just some things to throw out there that are hopefully helpful…

Hi Markus,

Thank you very much for your ideas. I have taken your requests and entered them into our feedback database. If there is anything else you would like to see featured in the editor, please let us know.