[Request] Procedural veranda-generator system

Is it a possibility that someone can make a procedural veranda-generator system? I know there is a stair-system on the marketplace, but it would be great
with a system that could generate verandas like these as well:


This shouldn’t be too difficult so if I get enough time tonight I’ll do it… I’ll give it out for free too :slight_smile:

Would be awesome if you could manage to do it. Will be a lifesaver for archvizer`s :slight_smile:

A system like this would solve this problem I have when I try to model a building:


Any progress? :slight_smile:

Sorry, been really busy with my day job. I have it on my todo list though and will get it done soon. :slight_smile:

Ah, no need to rush.

I would like to know, if there any progress has?
Because I could it need too, but not spezially a veranda, only an automatic “A to B” mesh generator, (e.g. wall mesh), but in the game, also when the game is running, like an ingame-editor.

(I hope it is unterstandable. xD)

Yeah, it’s been a really long time!

Ah sorry, I’ve been caught up in a bunch of projects…I’ll see what I can do