[Request/Problems] Screen space reflection and shadows

I have some problems with the screen space reflection, first of all this the 1p mesh weapon reflect in the ground or wall and looks a floating hands with weapon without the 3p mesh body.

-Add or change the screen space reflections to select like with shadows the affected meshes, but size this get the screen image no idea is this is possible, but is possible with recording camera select the visible models by the camera?

Other problem is with the 1p mesh shadows, you can select to cast shadows only the that model but i like drop shadows to the hands model and the weapon model like in the CS:GO and no idea how.


-Add something to group for the self shadow cast shadow. (for group the hands and the weapon for example)

Screen space reflections can only reflect what is visible, which is why the weird reflections in first person, even if you had a full body it wouldn’t be able to reflect it because it’s not visible, which is why it only reflects part of the gun and hands.
And it’s not possible to set it to reflect only certain things, it’s going off of what’s rendered in the scene, it would have to render a second time to give a different result for reflections.
As for first person shadows, it should be able to, make sure to test in-game.

The problem is when enable the Self Shadow only affect to selected model and the hands and weapon are different meshes and no cast shadows effect between.