[REQUEST] Pre-Pivot UDK to UE4

My team and I are currently rebuilding our game from UDK into UE4. We’ve been using a great tool to transfer over our assets’ positions, but we have a problem with pre-pivots. In UDK we were able to fix the assets’ pivots by adjusting them in game with pre-pivot.

It seems to not be a feature of the Unreal 4 engine. It would greatly help to have that feature again as it is a quick and convenient way to not have to go back into the modeling program. If it does exist, I could not find it.


Hi Dardangelos,

This has been suggested before and a feature request has already been submitted (UE-945), but this feature is backlogged at the moment, so there is no timeline I can offer for when this may be available in UE4.

Thanks you for your request though!


Ah, thank you for letting me know Tim.