[Request] Please allow docking of BP windows under Viewport

I really like to dock my Blueprints windows underneath the viewport like this:

Instead of Content Browser, I like to have my Blueprints windows there.


Hi Ryanjon2040,

I wanted to reach and get a little bit more information from you about this request.

Is there a particular reason why you want to have the Blueprints window docked under the editor?
Are you using a single or multiple monitors?

I want to point out a couple of things about the editors that are with UE4. Each one kind of acts like their own editor, so it may not be possible to actually achieve what you are asking.

The game editor, Blueprints, Matinee, Cascade, etc. are all editors that are built into a single package. While windows sections within that single editor are able to be docked and moved around these are not interchangeable with the other editors listed.

I’ve attached a few images of different ways that may enable to you find a workflow that helps you best.

Please do take a few moments and give us some information on your setup, workflow, and needs for having these editors be dockable within other editors.



UE4 docking 1.jpgUE4 docking 2.jpgUE4 docking 3.png

Am using a single monitor (1680x1050) and most of the time i like to keep my BP windows open while playing to see the flow. If i was able to dock it under the viewport, it would have made it easier for me to see this flow and quickly adjust things in BP.

I have another doubt to ask. Below is a screenshot from the UE4 walkthrough demo (Alan Willards) and in that video (around 6:00) you can see Alan has his Blueprint window docked at the bottom exactly the way i want.


Hi Ryanjon2040,

Digging into this a little bit more, it seems like this was removed at some point from the engine. I checked out feature requests log and found this to be on that list. This, however, does not mean that it won’t be added back in somewhere down the road.

Please take into account that this video was publish in June of 2012. The engine has come a long way in the past two years and some features that were present in these videos have either completely changed, been removed, or enhanced greatly to the point they may not be recognizable anymore.

The “workaround” here would be the way I had indicated before by undocking and manually re-sizing your windows to do fit if you want to be able to look at the editor and BP at the same time.



Hi is this something that will be considered still? I’m looking for this same feature

Me to, me toooo. Please make it possible to dock BP editors to a section in the main window. I’m using a 55" 4k monitor and want to have all stuff nicely placed. I dont want floating, always-on-top windows al the time (only when needed for a second monitor or so … yes i have additional monitors to the big one, but want to have my eyes straight forward and not on different monitors when editing BPs).