[Request] Please add 'Reimport from...' to editor for assets

Everytime I want to reimport a texture or a mesh from another file, I have to rename the original file by hand. This is the only option to force the file picker dialog if I want to reimport an asset.

Please integrate a additonal menu entry ‘Reimport from…’ which just shows the dialog.

Many thanks,

Hey ,

Thanks for your awesome suggestion for a feature request. I’ve submitted this request to our developers which can be referenced as: UE-18130. If you’d like to check on this request in the future, feel free to reply back here and me or someone on our team will be more than happy to provide you the information developers have decided upon.

Have a great day! :slight_smile:

Hi there, any news? I still have to rename to original asset if want to import another mesh but keep the settings etc.

Hey ,

UE-18130 is backlogged as a minor issue. You can work around this by either importing over the existing asset from another location or going into the asset import data (meshes, textures, animations) and deleting the existing file path. Your request is a quicker way, but at this time it’s still considered a minor issue by our Developers.

Thank you!