REQUEST: Player Scales with Dino

I’m trying to make a custom dino that is a bigger version of the predecessor , (Kind of like a boss). When tamed, the player that rides it, is also scaled with the tame. So I made the dino 1.5 of the original, but when player rides the dino, the player scales to 1.5 of his/her original size. How can I stop the player from scaling with the dino?

Thanks in advance.

Essentially there are 2 ways I know of to do what you are trying to do. 1 is with the event graph, but I don’t personally use that method. The other is to use the skeletal mesh and scale the size there. To prevent the player pawn also scaling you need to set a rider socket on the c_back 3 generally and set the scale of the X, Y, Z to 1.0 in all three sections. Also, its a good idea to add the Human_Male_TPV to the socket so you can adjust the rider easier.

HOWTO: Properly Retarget Animations and Anim_BPs for Dino Resizing! - ARK: Survival Evolved - Epic Developer Community Forums!

^ Following these steps should get you on the right track for what you are doing and it should help you avoid the whole player pawn scaling with the custom dinos.