[Request] Planetary terrain plugin compatible with world composition tools

Hey everyone,

I am looking and in the market for a Planetary terrain plugin that is compatible with world composition tools.

So here is what I am looking for.

  1. An Artist friendly tool that is compatible with world composition Tools.
  2. The ability to layout your terrain flat (See Image Below) in the world composition tools.
  3. Support for large scale planets, moons, etc.
  4. Out of the box spherical gravity via C++ and Blueprint that we can build off of.
  5. A spherical volume around the planet terrain that defines atmosphere and can be used for custom shaders (Atmospheric Scattering, Re-entry effects, etc.) not just a Skydome.
  6. Terrain Collision Support
  7. Support for terrain painting, Splat maps and Vegetation Painting.

How can this be done?

Each planet will be a cube but subdivided into a sphere. Similar to what you can do In 3DS max with modifiers and a cube. When you UVW Unwrap it this is what you get.

So basically 1 terrain chunk is equal to 1 Quad. Polar Caps are at the very top and bottom and in the middle are your play areas (Unless you want the polar regions to be playable.)

This should be compatible with the world composition tools so that we can recenter our players origin to 0,0,0.

Anyway - I hope that this sparks someones interest to start work on it.

I would be willing to pay at least 50.00+ USD for such an asset if it was sold on the marketplace.

Minor note- your “desert” and bottom “polar cap” should be swapped.

Also I think this sounds cool and would consider purchasing it.

I know I’m a bit late but was just wondering if anything had been done in this area.