[Request] Particle mesh local space ratation rate.

It’s useful in this case as the gif shown below :mesh-particle_local_space_rot_in_Unity3D.gif
I did this quick test in Unity3D, even this small game engine already got this feature.
It just provides a Local/World switcher in particle options.
Of course, UE4 is much more powerful in some aspects, and I personally prefer using UE4. But it’s still missing some little things. I really hope it can be improved.
Although I can build a blueprint with the mesh I need to rotate, but that wouldn’t benefit from the PlayParticleEffect animation notify workflow. If particle mesh supported local rotation, after attaching the particle to a socket and enabling the inherit parent rotation option, I would only need to tweak the socket rotation in order to get a perfect orientation of the particle mesh. Especially, when I need to precisely match some planar arc effect with a specific orientation related to a character, it would be handy. Because particle can be real-time previewed in animation editor, whereas, blueprints called by animation notifies cannot. Or, if you have a better workflow for this situation, please let me know. :o

Nobody’s interested in this for now? But I can guess it is most likely this problem will be perfectly solved as long as the Cascade 2.0 come out, right? :rolleyes: