[Request] Options Menu

Hello guys,

Been watching a lot of TotalBiscuit’s videos on YouTube, and I now understand the importance of having a good options menu.

So, I was curious to know if anyone could make a tutorial on how to create an options menu?

Thanks in advance,


here you go: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDyE40mrXZM

Thank you Alex!

Great stuff , thanks

I love your menu series, there were lots of Lols :smiley:
Reminded me of me ;), how scatty you are.

Being able to have a little giggle and making mistakes is what give’s my tutorials that upper edge, and you have that same talent. Therefore, I’m going to put a link on my channel to yours.

keep it up, :cool:


Hey, I am not the person doing those. I just found the links. rsssss

Lol, I added the channel anyway :slight_smile: