[Request] nVidia HairWorks Integration

There’s currently no solution in unreal engine 4 for hair or fur that looks passable.
Given that 90% of human and animal game character involve hair or fur in varying degrees this creates a pretty big hole in what artists are able to achieve in ue4.
We’re forced to do flat looking mesh hair, clumpy looking masked hair or work-around the issue with space marine helmets etc.

I’ve recently used nVidia HairWorks and it makes characters look more realistic just by adding this simulation magic to them, people will always love features that instantly add “wow” factor to any game.
HairWorks could be the new lens flare if integrated into ue4
nVidia HairWorks makes any game engine look 50% sexier and 20% more slim
HairWorks increases fertility of users in just 7 days!

…That’s enough pitching from me
All the best Epic. :smiley:

Take a look at the following forum thread, its coming, along with other GameWorks integrations: