[Request] New Launcher improvment

If you shrink the window the screenshots in the marketplace shrink, but if you expand it on a big monitor (Like my 2560x1440) half the screen is left blank. Please let us see the full 1080p screenshots as well as let us zoom in past the resolution (use bi-linear filtering or something similar). It would make it a lot easier to judge the quality of the assets we are about to purchase.

Hi awilliams1701,

We tried this on a 4k monitor we have here and I see what you mean. Could you post some screenshots showing what it looks like on your monitor? I will using them on a Feature Request.

Make sure to screenshot the Marketplace main page and the inside of one of the DLC pages.

This is what it looks like now.

I would like it to either look like this or have the option to zoom in on the image.

Okay, I’ve entered this as a Feature Request in our tracking software. Please keep in mind that a feature request is not a guarantee of implementation, but it will be investigated by our developers. I’ll post back here when there’s updates.