[request] Need separates axis in vehicle animation node "Copy bone"!!!!!!!!!!!

hi, I’m start working with vehicle suspension animation setup in animation BP and almost immediately see one problem with node “Copy bone” in options of this node only 3 parameters (copy scale, position and rotation) but if i do not need copy all rotation axis because i need only one for example roll or pitch or yaw? how i can do that?

Now working with my advanced vehicle suspension and I 100% sure we are need separate axis because without it i need use many nods, and do more bones skin in maya, so just add this ability, thx…



Can you explain a lot more in detail about your feature request? As in, 1 paragraph for you feature request, 1 paragraph of why you feel it is viable as a feature, 1 paragraph of what annoyances/issues that you have to deal with and that your feature request helps to solve that issue.


Even when I re-read your request a few times, I still don’t understand it.

Hey Zip,

I apologize for the delayed response on this. I had originally taken a look at this, but got a little swamped. After taking a look at the Copy Bone node in more detail, I see what you’re saying. I have entered a feature request as UE-14657.

Matt W.

Hi, sorry for bad English, i try to example:

In simple vehicle suspension we don’t need a “CopyBone” node(this node can transfer data from one bone to another. but only xyz or rotation pitch/ yaw/roll at once)but in advanced suspension all work like this – we have got a physical wheels(just a bone that have rotation and position by **WheelHandler **node) and transfer this rotating data to visible wheels(just another bone that skinned to visible wheel mesh), and with advanced suspension i need do many actions to create “suspension work effect”, first in maya and then in UE4 with “copybone” “lookat” nodes.
I try to explain on easy cardan shaft example:
So if i need rotate cardan shaft when my vehicle moving I do that in MyVehicleName BP by add code to getting cardan shaft bone and then some how rotate it, but if copybone node have a feature like separate axis for rotating!!! there are only need do copy ONE axis from my physical wheels(for now i cant do that, because my cardan shaft moving like physical wheel in all directional because it use all rotation axes) and transfer this ONE axis data to my cardan shaft bone and done(with only one node in VehicleAnimationBP) all must working like a charm, when wheels rotate cardan shaft also rotate, same method i think can work with hand wheel, and other parts of car that depends from wheels.

Thank you, awesome news

PS where i can watch on UE-14657 request(to see when its done)?

We don’t have our bug database available publicly. I listed it here for tracking purposes so that I, or any other Epic Staff member, could easily followup after looking at this thread.

-Matt W.

Any news when we can see this future?(4.8p4 dont have it!!!), for now i rig another vehicle and again MUST to do “useless work” in maya and UE editor…

Hey zip,

There’s no estimate on when this feature will be implemented. Sorry I don’t have more info for you.

-Matt W.

Hi i think 4.8 has what i need, today i find Bone driven controller(in pre 4.8 versions i don’t see this node), it can get parameter separate( axis rotation and scale) from one bone and transfer it to another, so for now i can do what i need thx Epic…

PS but my request also need to be done because is much simpler use one Copy bone node then multiple Bone driven controller

I’m glad there’s a node in place now that lets you work around the issue. I’ve kept the bug open though in the hopes that this functionality is added to the Copy Bone node

just adding a typical usecase for verhicles:

the front wheel is rotating along the y-axis, and also rotates when steering along the z-axis.
my caliper is only rotation along the z-axis when steering.

so it would be super simple if we could copy the wheelhandler-linked-bone to the caliper-bone via rotation…BUT only along a selected axis…in this case the z-axis. (for a noob like me this would be the intuitive workflow…but im happy zip figured out the driven-controller approach)

driven-controller works, but driving the car in the viewport makes the caliper jump around to one other position, even though i only drive the z-axis and nothing else. right now both bones (wheelhandler-linked bone and caliper bone) are on the same level in the rig hierarchy…directly underneath the root-bone.

is there a better setup that is less jumpy?

I am having the same problem with driven controller, will be nice if someone can explain how to set caliper without 10 bones like in advanced vehicle example :frowning:

Ok ,I made short video how I set up calipers , probably not the ideal solution but it works