[Request] Multiline comments/Tooltips for Blueprint

Would it be possible to include Multiline Node Comments/Tooltips in the next release of Rocket?

Hi Satheesh,

Do you simply mean that you wish to be able to make a new line of text when writing a Comment box? (like using a /n character?)

Thanks for any clarification or examples.

Exactly. Something like \n will do. It will be a great help because now all i can do is write long lines of tooltips/comments. New line break will be a huge help for commenting. And i really hope you could add this in next beta. :slight_smile:

Okay, I have added your request. Although even if the feature does get included, it would be unlikely to be in the next beta release.


Thats so sad :(… But anyway am glad you added this request. Thanks Stephen! :slight_smile:

Not implemented yet ? :cry:

I would love to see this as well. I tried omitting the limitation by using the Shift+Enter method that also works in places like Facebook, and it seemed to work to begin with. But suddenly the blueprint editor erased all of my comments except for the top line.

Sorry if I’m reviving such an old post for this, but it still appears to be an issue. If there’s a method to get around this limitation though I’d love to hear about it.


~ Dave

Type shift+enter to create a new line. Blueprints comments normally surround Blueprints code, but you can resize it so that it’s just a comment with no code inside it. Works in UE 4.13 at least.

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