[Request] multi-line freeform comment box

I’m coming to blueprint as a programmer with 30+ years of experience…

One thing I really wish Blueprints had is a way to write an arbitrary multi-line text box of comments into a blueprint graph. I’m not talking about anything related the current comment “border box”. This would not have any nodes in it, it would just have a rectangular multi-line text-area that I can type any arbitrary text I want.

It would look something like this…

comment box mockup

When I write code (and blueprints are code!), I write lots of comments. This is probably because being an old-fart programmer, I long-ago got tired of coming back to my own code and not remembering anything about it. So I started recording my thoughts whenever I write code. The most important thing I record is URLs to documentation and examples I used when writing the code. For tricky bits, I often write about why i’m writing the code, what it’s supposed to do, and what limitations it has.

I really want these comments to be right with the code, so they are in source control, and obvious when me (or someone else) is looking at the code later.

The only place I can find to put these kinds of multi-line comments inside UE today is by creating a “StringTable” in the folder, and using shift-enter in the value side of a string table entry. This kinda works, but it’s not where I want it, which is inside the blueprint graph.

Not sure if you knew this but you can write multiple lines in the comment, just press Shift+Enter to add a new line. You also have the option to disable the bobble when zooming out, select the comment and you can see it in the details panel.


Ohh, thanks for pointing that out!

I can even fix the background color! That white-on-light grey is really darn hard to read…

This is a little clunky to use because I have to keep using shift-enter, but it totally meets my need…

comment screenshot

That’s true that’s why I always change the background color to something dark.
Also there’s another trick, you can add a literal text/string and add your comment there too.