[REQUEST] Move brush pivot position

It would be nice if I could change the pivot of the brush in 2d/3D space with moving the brush itself. This would be helpfull for when someone tries to relocate the brush pivot before converting it to a static mesh.

I know there is the alt+middle mouse button option, and than saving it with right mouse → pivot → save pivot, but a lot of the time your pivot ends up somewhere in infinity, because unfortunately it doesn’t raycast to the location you are looking at.

The way I currently do it is by moving the pivot to the location that I want and then selecting all vertices in brush edit mode and relocate them to there original position. It works, but costs a lot of time when you have to do that will a lot of brushes.

The solution for this could be something simple like in Maya. There you can press the Insert key, and than you are able to move the pivot around freely. This could be a great addition to brush tools you guys have.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

Hey Roel -

Thank you for your suggestion I will pass it along to our developers for consideration.

Eric Ketchum