[Request] More Code Tutorials

Not sure if this goes here or feedback, so im sorry if this not must be here. (and for my English)

I think it would be very useful for all programmers who are trying to learn c++.
Today, the only reason that makes me doubt to stay in UE4, is the learning curve of c++ plus the workflow with UE4.

I think most of these video tutorials or just written tutorials (even better):

are needed. (as the video title say, it is an “intro” to Programming). I think more detailed and specific videos are needed.

Today we have a lot of Blueprints, animations, etc, tutorials , but very little about coding.

To be more specific, I’m not just talking about the syntax of c++, which can be found in many web pages. I mean for example:

Take ShooterGame, include new things, extend existing classes, tips on new implementations, cares to consider, is better modularize the code or better put aaaaall in a single and related class (as ShooterCharacter for example), and why? and maaaany many etcs

thank you very much
Regards -.

I think the reason there are more videos about blueprints and animation features is mainly because they’re visual aspects to the engine. With the programming side, all you really need to know is how to build your code, the rest of your journey will be spent looking through the code of the engine and using the API whenever you need an outline for something.

Videos on programming can be pretty slow-paced and mostly consist of the teacher just typing, meaning to actually see any code you need to keep focused on his text editor in between a lot of silence, so it’s not really a great medium for learning the specifics of the engine because you have to be really really interested or bored just to stay attentive.

The best place to find information for programming with the engine or information about the architecture is the official documentation. For anything specific, you could always ask.

A few programming blog posts covering specific tidbits of useful information would be nice, though.

Edit: Also, a lot of the stuff you mentioned in the ShooterGame paragraph are covered by Design Patterns. One good resource for game-specific examples of design patterns is the Game Programming Patterns book by Bob Nystrom. If you read that book and any other resource on design patterns, you’ll get a better understanding about good architecture and how to better organize your code.

Also, scour the UE4 source code any chance you get. Understand the patterns used in UE4 will help you understand how you can use them yourself.

thanks for the response, yes i understand, but just to clarify, the tutorial or guide does not have to be a video.
Maybe that’s not clear in my previous post, so im sorry.

Yeah, detailed blog posts about best practices for programming and project management would be good to have.

im writing a in depth behaviour tree tutorial at this moment, should be up today.

There is always the wiki that you can use to look for examples. The one thing to keep in mind is that people are looking for the big score and whether you and I like it or not, video is here to stay. I am one of ~ 8 people that are taking the ball into our own hands to help maintain and contribute to the wiki, so if you are interested in pointing us in the right direction i would really appreciate your input. I am currently manning the release of linking DLLs into UE4, which is not exactly - how to add firing modes - but it is a programming tutorial none the less.

I do hope that more code tutorials present themselves. There have been a couple really good blog posts from the epic blog that i think we should all applaud!

Do you happen to have any requests that we can address?

Thank you very much for your answers .
Well, I have many doubts and questions , maybe many are obvious.
My problem is particularly focused on deciding how to implement new functionality , programmatically i think that Im Ok , but what way is supposed to be better implement solutions in the context “c++ and UE”?

A simple example:
Honestly, talking and following the ShooterGame example, I may never have occurred to have classes with so many functionalities (considering what I learned about OOP in my life) .
I 'm not saying this is wrong, of course it is not, but it makes me realize that I have absolutely no idea how to properly code a game for UE, ( I always use scripting ) .

My tendency would have been better modularize functionalities . For example, certain classes would occupy to handle certain aspects of “Character” instead of having everything within this class .

Then I presented my first problem. In what way do this? , Do I create new classes and instantiate in character using pointers better, or not? .
Or maybe it’s better not to do this and follow the directives of ShooterGame .
Whatever the answer , I’d be good to know why, because this way I can apply this to future solutions.

So, suppose I decide to create a pointer to my class “X” in my Characer Class . Then the compiler asks me to include the “X.h”.
But I see that ShoterGame not include these “.h”.
Investigating i see all the includes are in another class that is included in another class.
So why do this? is there any reason? or just for better organization?

As you can see, each step I intend to make I find a problematic, and because of this i made a request for tutorials or guides that best explain these things to programmers in a similar situation .

I think I wrote too much, sorry :slight_smile:
They are very basic questions, but if i cant resolve them, I cannot begin even a small project.

Thanks again