[Request] MODO Indie export/import tutorial

I`m having trouble with importing FXB models from MODO Indie. They shows up way to big in Unreal Engine.
Heres my settings:


In Unreal Engine:

I would love to work with Maya, but Maya hangs every 20 minutes or so and I dont know why.

According to the grid that room is 55m wide.

In your viewport, far down to the right, you can see the nr “5m” - this means every square on your grid is 5m.

Scale your room to 10% and freeze “all” and export it again.

Just want to say that default grid size, scale settings and export settings in MODO are 1:1 UE4 scale and does not require any modification

Understand. I have started with Maya again, as I figured out what caused my chrash issue. It was the Steam overlay-system. So now it will be easier to export models :slight_smile:

I would try Modo again if you get a chance, its miles ahead of Maya for modelling in my opinion. Just reset your modo settings.