request:mesh viewer orbit cam

I like to be able to orbit around a mesh in the mesh viewers so I can check for smoothing issues/artifacts…ect, I did find the “use UE3 orbit controls” in the editor settings and the “follow cam” for skeletal meshes but I noticed that If I press and hold the middle mouse button then move the mouse by default it doesn’t do anything, I think it might be better if the middle mouse button did the orbit by default, I know its just my personal preference and I can turn it on so its no big deal but I just think it would be better.

Hey Michael,

I have added your request in for the team to look at. Thank you.

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I think the middle mouse button is free to use as an orbit camera button. The orbit bug is still there as well in #1945001.

This is already supported. If you are familiar with Maya it works the same way. Use Alt+left mouse drag to orbit.

That shortcut does orbit the camera but not around the current selected objects pivot.

It should by default be focused on the objects pivot. That seems like a bug to me. I will investigate it. You should be able to press ‘F’ (default keybinding) to focus it though.

Alt could perhaps be made to toggle orbit vs free cam, but Im not sure how often orbit is useful yet. I know in modelling I use it quite alot but I havent had time to build an environment in years.