[Request] Mesh Particle Local/Global rotation rate.

I am currently working on a lot of particles, and unless my knowledge of them (from both ue4 and udk) results in missing something, I think I found something that is currently not possible.

I created a “tentacle” which I need to rotate on the Z axis:

Now I want it to rotate around the core on the X axis:

Now I want to combine the rotation of image1 with the rotation of image2:

Since there is (afaik) no way to keep the rotation of image1 local, it combines both rotations and does not give the result I want/need for this particular particle.

Is there a way to do this?

Edit> so far nobody seems to know a way to do this, as of that I honestly think this should keep the [Request] tag untill someone does find a solution.

Note: I could rotate the particle through BP, but I prefer to not have any additional BP’s to an already difficult setup.

Hi Luos -

I am looking into this for you can you upload a screenshot of your Cascade module setup so I can recreate exactly what you have?

Hello Eric, I hope this helps.
If you need anything else, please ask :slight_smile:

I have tried a few different things in Cascade, without creating an actor and then giving the actor rotations via a Blueprint, GameCode, or a matinee in levelScript I cannot think of an effective way to do this in Cascade alone.

You need one more level of hierarchy in the system in order to rotate all of the components as a whole. You could experiment with EmitterDirectLocation modules combined with the SourceMovement module, but you still need

You also need all of them to be in local space to make this work.

thanks for giving it a shot, I tried the EmitterDirectLocation modules and the sourcemovement but no results.
(all particles are in local space)
(it does affect the location offset, but seems to fully ignore the init rotation and rotation rate settings… which is weird on its own?)
Any thoughts?

Added image:

Any chance a suggested “local space rotation” node could be added?

Hello Luos -

If I understand what you trying to accomplish, you are going to need an Orbit module in addition to your Int Mesh Rotation Rate module. The Mesh Rotation will handle the spin along the Z axis while the orbit module will handle the rotation about the X axis. Keep in mind, the pivot point of your tentacle mesh will be vitally important to make the effect function the way you want it to look. Here is a link to the documentation on the Orbit module:


Let me know if this fixes your problem,
Cheers -
Eric Ketchum

Hello eric, I spend the last 30 minutes or so trying to find a way to make this work with the orbit module, but there are some limitations and this was the best result I got:

As you can see, the problem is that orbit doesnt rotate it.

Edit: I also tried to inverse the situation, where orbit rotates the mesh on the Z axis, and use the rotation rate to rotate the mesh around the ring, but without an offset it doesnt want to rotate it at all.

Source movement only updates movement, not rotation, this is as expected. As I said you could experiment to see if you could get something out of it…I really think you need to do your rotations on the actor level here.

If I am understanding this correctly you want more of a parent/child relationship, I cannot think of a good way to reliably do this in Cascade alone. I think your best bet is to use an actor and Blueprint/timeline/matinee whatever to control the rotation of your entire effect.

Hey Luos -

homeRye is correct the way you are going to want to implement the effect you are looking for is through a Blueprint. Here is one possible solution for you:

  1. Create a New Blueprint, select actor
  2. Add your base particle system or mesh. This should be your ROOT.(I believe that is your glowing ring/orb.)
  3. Add the mesh you want to add the Rotation and Spin (This is your Tentacle mesh.)
  4. Use the following images to setup your Event Graph - you will need 4 variables, one for beginning Rotation(PITCH), one for Ending Rotation(PITCH), one for Beginning Spin(YAW), and one for Ending Spin(YAW).

Good Luck
Eric Ketchum

thanks rye, Eric I will give this a shot once I am done with some other particles I am currently working on.
I really appreciate the time and effort you guys put into helping solving this!


Hey hey Rye, finally had the time to go back and edit this particular particle. (yes word pun)

I decided to use most of what you described and used a second particle system with just the tentacles.

result blueprint:

Result: MP4

Excuse me, I was looking for this feature too. It would be very useful in this case in the gif blew.
Even Unity3D got this feature, so I really hope this happen in UE4.

that is actually just an animated material on a mesh-particle with the pivot in the center.
Its fairly easy to make.