[Request] Matinee Movie Exporting?

So theres not much documentation or tutorials on actually exporting a movie from matinee, only only on using blueprints to trigger a sequence in the game. I was wondering the proper way to export a movie from matinee because everytime I try, the lighting gets messed up, and none of my character animation shows up and the models begin to flicker/disappear. Does anybody understand how to properly export something yet?

(heres what everything I try to render ends up looking like: - YouTube )

Hello ! Same here… just want to run an archviz render sequence to compare with a real V-Ray rendering.
Excactly same issues…
i add q little question : how can we animate the camera DOF ?

you have seen this i hope

and what do you mean by export, do you mean record !!!

btw if your new to unreal tech then check the UDK/UT3 matinee tutorials as the workflow is very similar

Yep, check UDK tutorials for things like camera animations and recording.

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yeh tried the UE4 mantinee movie exporter, it renders like a boss but its like 20gb for like a sec, it doesnt even have settings for exporting that would help reducing the size -.-’

That’s because the output is uncompressed. It gives you the highest quality possible so that you can convert it to another format afterwards with minimum quality loss.