[Request] Material Instance parameters explicit order

Right now when opening instanced materials, parameters which are exposed from the parent material are placed in some (semi random?) order when they are inside single parameter group. Having explicit ordering would be nice for enforcing certain parameter order (similar to function parameters order).

I agree. It would be nice to have the parameter in a logical order.
And while we are at it: Giving the parameter grouzps themselves a sort oder would be the icing of the cake :cool:
Currently I have a set of paraeter groups that are: “Masking”, “Red Channel”, “Green Channel”, “Blue Channel”, “Alpha Channel”.
And that is the order I would like them to have.
However, they are listed as:

  • Alpha Channel
  • Blue Channel
  • Green Channel
  • Red Channel

It seems dependent in which order you create/place them in the graph. However, duplicating a node is not equivalent to creating a new one, these get sorted randomly…