[Request] Mass Bone Scaling Controllers

I’m not sure if skeletal controllers are handled (or if it will even be used in Anim blueprints this generation), but if they are, would you guys consider creating a non-uniform mass bone scaling skeletal controller?

UE3 currently has massbonescaling, but scale is fixed. I’d like to be able to simulate stretchy bones or some wacky cartoon behavior. And if Unreal does not have that support for stretchy bones coming in, perhaps it could at least be handled procedurally through the controllers.

I saw there was a “Modify Bone” skeletal controller when editing a VIM blueprint earlier. But I’m unsure if this is the same thing or with how this node is supposed to work for that matter…

So if it’s not integrated, would the team consider adding it? And if it IS integrated, could someone explain how to set it up?

Many thanks!

+1 to this

Modify Bone supports non-uniform scaling. You should be able to check apply scale, and set the scale value per axis.

Let me know if you’re having a trouble.