[Request] Make the context menu not automaticaly close!

So I think this little improvement could save a looot of time in some cases.

Say you want to set a bunch of variables to a scene component in the construction graph for example… currently, you will need to drag off the component pin for every single variable you want to set, since each time you click a variable (or a function etc.) the contex menu closes.

IMO the right behavior should be to close only after you click somewhere in the graph for example :stuck_out_tongue:

You can also drag-drop variables from the My Blueprints tree onto the pin you want to get or set (or onto the graph to offer an option), or summon a persistent but context-free version of the menu using the Palette option in the Window menu.

Michael Noland

The My Blueprints tree does not include variables from inside components if that is what you meant :stuck_out_tongue:
The palette was what I first thought would do the trick but seems it doesn’t include get/set variables, only functions/macros etc.

Let’s say you want to expose a few variables from a component (like the character movement component etc.), you would have to drag off the component pin, find the variable from the context menu, then repeat for every single variable you want to add to the graph.

It can get pretty tedious :stuck_out_tongue: