[REQUEST] Make GetMachineDescription() Public

Hey guys; I have an issue here and I’m stuck…
I have to access State Machines and its States from another non friendly class because of reasons;
I think I must use GetMachineDescription() function to do that, but it is by default a protected method.

I could change it by myself I guess, but for what I want to do this should be public by default in Engine, instead of
a custom modification. I also don’t know if changing it to public would break something else… Any chances of getting a public version of this function so we can iterate easily through Animation Machine’s States?!

In AnimNode_StateMachin.h, line 216 we have this:

	// Tries to get the instance information for the state machine
	const FBakedAnimationStateMachine* GetMachineDescription() const;

Please, make it public :frowning:

I’ve found a way to do this using AnimInstance subclass; nevermind :slight_smile: