[Request] Make "Apply Changes" button searchable with "distance" string

Hi there,

So I’ve spent a few hours now trying to figure out how to change the distance field resolution on a mesh. I’ve checked the “Generate Mesh Distance Field” box and I’ve changed the “Distance Field Resolution Scale” value, but nothing happens. I also tried to use a Distance Field Replacement Mesh, but nothing works.

Until I was watching the Lighting Techniques and Guides 2 on Youtube where they mention an Apply Changes button.

Since the asset editor has a lot of settings, I usually just search for what I need; in this case the distance field settings. I’m used to being able to change values (like Lightmap resolution for example) just by changing the value. So I couldn’t figure out what was wrong, since when I searched for “distance” to get the distance field settings I never saw that there was an Apply Changes button - and since none of the other settings I usually change need to be applied with a button I never could have guessed that there was one.

I can certainly understand the need for an Apply now button since you want to change all of your settings before generating the distance field mesh. But would it be possible to make the Apply Changes button come up when you search for “distance”?