[Request] Make Actors spawned during Play-In-Editor visible on all editor viewports

A very useful feature in other game engines is the ability to pause while playing in the editor with the possibility of using the normal editor viewport to freely explore the scene, select game objects spawned during gameplay, move, rotate or edit any of their properties, and then resume gameplay with all those effective changes.

Currently, UE4 can pause and resume gameplay and does list the actors spawned during gameplay, but these actors are only visible in the game viewport and not in the regular editor viewport. For testing purposes, it would be very useful to freely explore and edit the in-game scene in a viewport not tied to the actual game camera and where all editor transforms work as usual.

(If I’m wrong, and there is a way to see the gameplay scene in a editable scene viewport, please let me know :))

If you make sure that ‘Selected Viewport’ is selected under the Play button (not ‘New Editor Window’), you should be able to hit ‘Play’ and then ‘Eject’ to see your pawn, move around using editor controls, select stuff and see its properties etc. Changing things will not be preserved in your edited level unless you right click and choose ‘Keep Simulation Changes’. This is really useful for physics objects etc.

Ahh dumb me. I was supposing when a new viewport was created, the original viewport could be used to edit the objects shown during gameplay just like other game engine does, but ejecting from the pawn is actually what I was needing. Thanks for your time!