[REQUEST] Magic Wand Animset

Hi, I am making a magical type of game. I am needing Animsets for it. There are a few already which I have bought but they are doing magic with their hands. I am needing an Animset that makes use of a Magic Wand.

I would need it to include Locomotion (with crouch and jump), Attacks, Buffs, Dodges, Rolls, Hit/Impact, Death, Equip/Unequip Animations. All while in a normal (left foot forward and hips turned to the right a bit) stance.

I realize this this is a bit of a big request. But in comparison to other Animation Packs out there, it should be pretty normal to include all those in the Animset. I hope someone can fulfill this request for me. And I thank you a head of time for doing so.

I see many others that seem to be making magical type of games / rpgs that could possibly benefit from an animset like this so it may be very profitable to do so.

Anyways, here is a final Please and Thank you to anyone who will take up this request and make this Animset!