[Request] Level Streaming

Hello there,

I was curious if there are any tutorials on level streaming? If not, could someone make one? I’m having trouble understanding how it works and how to incorporate it into your level.

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In the content examples, there is a level streaming demonstration level.

This might be a good place to look if something else doesn’t show up.

Came here to say the same thing; The Content Examples are there so we can rip them to shreds and learn from it :> - There’s a Level Streaming example which holds all the answers you’re seeking.

There is an official tutorial stream on level streaming:

It is for UE3. I’m not sure how much the system differs in UE4, I didn’t look into it yet. But it’s probably a good starting point.

I made one last week, it’s a little shorter than that UE3 video (but probably nowhere near as informative). It’s really easy to set up, anyway. The content example is pretty good once you get over that initial “How the heck do I set this up?” hurdle.


Thanks a bunch everyone!!

I know this is old, but I wanted to watch your video. I couldn’t because it’s been taken down. Do you have another one up?

I tried to go through the content example level of level streaming, but I didn’t quite understand how to actually set it all up.
Is there no tutorials, or anyone who can make one? I desperately need to understand how to do this.

Keep digging. You cannot do whole game out of tutorials, or rather cannot ask us to make tutorial about every problem and every step of your game development.
If you cannot see how level streaming works, you should get few steps back and practice on simple things and learn blueprints first.

UE3 and UE4 will be really different but maybe you should think about doing a trailer with every unreal game since the start and like compare it with UE4, it is a good starting point but they aint free…