[Request] Layer UI functionality

Layers are cool, but in current state are not that friendly and intuitive to use, few things to improve that:

  1. Double Click to expand layer. Only the layer we have double clicked on.
  2. After layer is expaned it will show items fthat is contains (much like Photoshop layer groups, or Outliner Plugin in 3ds max).
  3. A funtion like, freez layer would be very nice. It would essentialy freeze all transforms of object that are in layer.
  4. A similiar to above, but freeze slection. It would prevent from selecting objects that are in layer.
  5. Would be nice if we can color code layers, but for me it’s down on the list.

Hi Lukasz,

Thank you for your request. I have compiled it into a report and entered it into our feedback database. I especially like the idea of locking layers so users can not accidentally edit layers they don’t want to. If there is anything else you would like to see in a future build of Rocket, please let us know.



Totally agree! I was looking for the same functionality and freezing layers would be extremely helpful.