[REQUEST] Java integration in UE4

i really want proper of Java integration in UE4 like what nako_sung did with Unreal.js

Just being curious: Why? What for? What do you gain?

I need it to use a java library. that i dont have the skill to Rewrite myself and no other libraries like it exist

Are you sure there is no alternative? Maybe you should just ask around? Which library is it?

100% sure. this is the library https://github.com/philjord/ElderScrollsExplorer

Instead of implementing Unreal.java, how about trying transpiler (like http://www.jsweet.org/)?

hmm it could work. i will give it a shot

do i just Install jsweet normally or do i have to do something?

@ I don’t have any experience with jsweet. Sorry. :frowning: