[REQUEST]: Invert Mouse Y-Axis Option For Editor Navigation


New to UE4, but can’t find an option for inverting the Y-axis when navigating the viewport in the editor.

A search of the forums, seems to suggest there is none.

Please add it, as navigating the editor currently is a real pain if you’re used to having the mouse inverted.

Thanks in advance!



Sorry for the bump, but could anyone please tell me if this feature (inverting mouse y-axis in viewport navigation) has been added yet?

I’ve cancelled my subscription and am waiting for this in order to pick it back up again.

For an engine coming from a FPS game background, it could be argued that this feature is so obvious there should have been a checkbox for it from day one.

That said, if it’s already possible to achieve and I’ve just missed something obvious, could you please let me know how to set it up?

Again, apologies for the bump.

Thanks in advance!



BUMP!!! :cool:

Yeah! Invert mouse would be great to have
I’ve played with invert mouse since 2001 :wink:


I would really like this option as well. I played way too many flight simulators in my youth. My brain is stuck inverting the Y-Axis. I’ve played every game since the 90’s like this.

Thanks for the suggestion! I am a long time “Invert Y” user myself, though somehow I am so accustomed to our editor that I didn’t even notice the lack of the toggle missing. I added this to our feature request database as UE-7104 (for the editor’s freelook camera and orbit camera controls in the various viewports.) I was thinking it might also be cool if you had Invert Y enabled in the editor, if your game setting for freelook was also inverted by default (at least when previewing the game in the editor.)


I would like to add my support to this feature, both in the editor and as a setting for the controls in “play” mode. I’m constantly flummoxed by what I feel to be an inverted system, no matter how long I work with it.

Thanks Mike!

Great to hear this has been added to the feature request! Might seem like a minor detail to many, but when being so used to having the y-axis inverted (as I am), it becomes very annoying.

Also, please let me take the opportunity to express my appreciation. Your transparency as developers, the accessibility and the way you have embraced community involvement, is very refreshing and sets an example for the rest of the industry!

Thanks again for adding this feature, and thanks to you, the rest of the team, and any community members involved for creating this engine!




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@nickdecastro: Unfortunately this works only using the game mode :frowning: Thanks anyways

Please, Dev Team, it would be definitely great to have this feature included in the settings for the editing mode.

Thanks in advance.


Thanks, but that’s not what was asked for here.

As stated in the title of the thread, the request is for inverting the y-axis for editor navigation.

You might want to check the topic more carefully before posting next time, but thanks anyway! :wink:



Unfortunately the Y Axis hack goes quite deep into Mouse, Joypad and Touchscreen controls.

I stuck up a rather detailed explanation of it and the problems it causes on AnswerHUB, linking to it on the forum and requested we the hack removed and an ‘Invert Y Axis’ option added to the editor.

Thankfully someone from Epic have added request UE-11830 for this via the forums, despite the AnswerHUB post suggesting that it’s too late to make such a change.


I hoped that this feature would be included with version 4.8 but it’s still missing. :frowning:

Please team, consider this request.


Hello !vcs64_SW2600!,

You are correct in that this feature has not been implemented yet, however it has been submitted to the developers. I will be sure to bump the community interest for this issue.

Make it a great day

Hi Rudy,

Thank you for your answer, it’s a very good new. :slight_smile:


Please include this option in the next release… it’s REALLY annoying not having this feature … i still can’t navigate without it, so many years with inverted mouse Y… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for listening… awesome engine btw :wink:

Come on, -y, -x.

do you mean the ‘invert middle mouse pan’ option in the editor preferences? or something different?

I was really looking forward to start using unreal engine 4, but as a long time inverted mouse user and a pilot, not being able to invert the mouse is going against years of training and conditioning. If this feature could be implemented in the near future, that would be fantastic…

Absolutely must have this option. The inefficiency introduced by my moving the mouse the wrong way over and over and over and over through the day is really frustrating.

There’s a reason Halo asks you to hit that target first thing in the game… it’s checking which way you perfer your Y-Axis. The designers knew that the population is pretty well split on this, and there’s no good default.