Request: Intro to animating characters tutorial

I’ve dug around as much as I can and I think I have the basic grasp of animating characters, but I’d like to see a more fleshed out tutorial on how to get a character animating. I’ve got a mesh, a skeleton and a couple of animations (walk, run, idle, etc), but I have a lot of trouble figuring out how to set it up so that in either code or BP I can switch said animations.

Best as I can tell I make a blend graph for the walk/run and put that into an animation state system, and put that into an anim graph that determines final pose…but how do I get the animations switching? Say I have my character whos either idling or running around and I left click to swing my sword, how do I tell the blueprint to play the sword swing animation? Where do I even store that? Locally in the level or will the BP pull it from assets?

It’s all a bit ambiguous and I’d love to see a tutorial for it

There are millions of tutorials on YouTube, (literally millions) but here’s one in one of my many playlists - [SIZE=3]Animating a biped[/SIZE]

I’m not really looking for the asset animation part, but the actual integration part into Unreal using the animGraph/animMontage system :slight_smile:

An AnimBlueprint tutorial series is pretty high up on my list to do, especially after the success of my AnimTree tutorials for UDK. I need to dig up an asset that I can use for it and then I’ll definitely be working on them.

basically look at the examples, you can go from fairly simple to quite complex depending on what your character needs

I would like to take this moment to point out that we have a tutorial that covers some of this at the Unreal Engine Wiki:

I hope that helps you with animating your characters! Feel free to contribute your own content to the Wiki as well! :cool:

oh, I didn’t see that thanks for the head up! I’d still love to see more video tutorials on “Persona”.

Wariyth ,Please do an animBlueprint tutorial faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast , i cant really make any sense of the animblueprint system . thanks .

PS. Geodav , love u mate . you and all the other guys who helped me alot on the UDK forums are great.