[Request] InputActions: Mouse Tilt Left/Right

Now that mouse wheel tilting (i.e. leaning the scroll wheel left and right) is supported out-of-the-box by Windows, it would be nice if we could have it included in the available InputActions list, along with the 5 default mouse buttons (L/R, middle, Thumb1 and Thumb2) and scroll wheel up/down.

One can currently work around this, if one has a mouse which supports macros, by remapping these tilt functions to some other keyboard keys and using those keys as the InputAction commands, of course, but it’s pretty frustrating to have to do this since it means that the normal windows functionality of mouse wheel tilting (horizontal scrolling/panning) no longer work.

While we are at it, do you think UE4 may need to support gaming mouses with more mouse buttons than the average mouse would have in the future?

That’s not really a thing; Windows, for a long time, only supported the mouse functions that UE4 supports now. Any other mouse buttons had to be transformed, by the mouse’s driver, into simulated keypresses or macros or whatever. They weren’t actual INPUT messages to windows, so UE4 wouldn’t be able to see them. Users of multi-button mice already have them configured to work in this way.

The only reason to add tilt support is that, from Windows 8 onward, Mouse Wheel Tilt L and R are NATIVE mouse messages; they are recognized directly by Windows and don’t need to be converted into some other kind of message.

Ah, sorry for misunderstanding your inquiry. In that case, yes, I do believe that there should be support for mouse tilt events.

Hi RhythmScript,

Thank you for the suggestion. I have entered it as a Feature Request in our system and the developers will be taking it into consideration.



Was this suggestion declined? There’s still no mouse tilt (also sometimes known as horizontal scrolling) support in 4.22. In addition, there’s zero support for additional mouse buttons and UMG Input key Selector still does not take the mouse wheel up/down into account. Time for a 2019 facelift?

EDIT: I just checked a top computer parts retailer. Sorting all available mice by “tilt wheel” returned 999+ results, so it’s clearly not a fringe feature anymore.

The ticket has it marked as “won’t fix.”

Let the necromancing begin. It would be really nice to have this feature added into the engine. Specifically the scroll wheel tilting. I could use this for example, as an input for weapon leaning and leave the Q and E keys on the keyboard for other things.