[Request] InputAction AnyKey

Hello Epic,
I have a simple request for blueprint scripting because I needed this in my project and had to find an alternative. So my idea is to have an “InputAction AnyKey” node, which can look like this:
The “pressed Key” output can be a string with the character, or an integer with a character number of the keyboard layout. So please add this and I’m sure other people will need this too :slight_smile:

An integer would be nice, but is there an existing Key type we could use instead? A strongly typed option would be great to have, and I’d be surprised if there wasn’t one in the engine already.

This is in my backlog. I’ve looked at a couple of different ways of doing it in the past and it is surprisingly awkward to make work with the rest of the input system.

Cool. I hope you will find out a way for this!