[Request] Implementing Web Browser inside a level

Hey Guys,

I have been exploring Unreal Engine for a few weeks and am now trying to place a web browser inside a level. I can’t seem to find any examples or tutorials anywhere. I know this is doable as I have seen people run web browsers inside UE4 (in a youtube video).

I found this WebBrowser | Unreal Engine Documentation in UE documentation but its not enough to get me moving forward.

Are there any examples/tutorials for this? Perhaps some pointers?

Thanks for looking into this for me!


There’s a plugin for this purpose that’s open-source https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?58192-BLUI-Open-Source-HTML5-JS-CSS-HUD-UI&highlight=BLUI

Hope this helps you!

Brilliant, it seems like that will do the trick. Thank you !