[Request] If possible, can you make written tutorial versions of the UE4 videos?

I think that if there were a written version of the tutorials for UE4 with pictures, than it would be a lot better to learn UE4 because it saves a lot of time and i think you can describe things a lot more accurately in a text tutorial then you can in a video tutorial.

The video tutorials are good but i feel as if they’re a bit lacking. They also kind of break my flow when learning something because i am a ‘hands on’ learner so i like to read the material that i am learning while doing it at the same time. However with the video tutorials the constant need to:

-To pause.
-Remember what he/she said a few minutes backwards.
-Try to replicate what he/she did in UE4.
-See if its correct.
-If not then go back all the way you were stuck on while being lost on where you were in the video for what he/she said.
-Rinse and Repeat.

It becomes very repetitive and tedious that i start losing interest in the video and become quite clueless of what was happening in the video. You guys did a marvelous job with UE4, but i think adding text tutorials may make it a lot quicker to learn for some individuals.

If there was a text with pictures tutorial i could just go to any part of the text i want to know and then within that section practice what i need to know by quickly reading it and by looking at the pictures within that section. I don’t have to go back to a certain bit in a video, i can just read the section i need without going all the way back or getting lost. Its a lot more organised and navigation is not as cumbersome as it is in a video.

Great job on UE4 though :smiley: Making an engine that is AAA but simple to use (simpler than Unity 3D in my opinion) is an amazing feat

  • 1 with your request , it’s will be great … I don’t know if you can export caption text of the youtube video ? take some screenshot , so good :slight_smile:

There’s the documentation for that.

I don’t think the documentation is for learning. It’s more for looking up something that
you want to use. If you are a new programmer, a tutorial that tells you what to do is much better.

Making a text based tutorial of the videos takes time. Writing everything down and taking picture
is much more work than just recording it. The work you need to stop the video and “remember”
what the tutor said isn’t that hard. I know that a lot of people can work better with a text based
version, but keep in mind how much work it is to write down a 2 hour video Tutorial and taking
picture of all important parts.

Documentation is absolutely for learning! My soul died a little when I read that. :slight_smile:

The documentation contains a bunch of tutorials and we are adding more step by step guides all the time. Our goal is to provide different formats since everyone learns differently. There are just so many topics and never enough time to do all the things we want to do. It’s a balance deciding which format to do which topic in at any specific time. If there are certain topics you would like to see sooner rather than later, vote for them on the roadmap.

The wiki is also a good resource for written tutorials.

Dont you still learn when you look up that thing you want to use? :stuck_out_tongue:

Documentation is absolutely for learning, lol!

Big props to the people mainting the documentation!

Just want to add, however ones means to lern are, visual, textual, audi…ale :D, a video about writing sourcecode, or even clicking together blueprints, is not the right medium. You’d have to write down where in a video a specific thing is told to scroll there to be able to just look at it again for reference. Make one mistake or letting a step slip and you can search the video for it, its horrible.

Videos are perfect for things that are visual by nature. Modelling. Texturing. Drawing. Placing things, f.e, or great distance overviews of programming concepts vs actual programming.

So full +1 for Death_Skull_DX’s request.

Documentation again :slight_smile:

I don’t get why he needs a written tutorial from the Video Tutorials? Is he unable to view the videos? lol

But the documentation is more of a reference and the getting started videos are completely different. There is no written alternative of the tutorials on the Youtube videos and i fully agree with @Mikand79. If there were a written version of the Youtube tutorials i think it would be beneficial. Don’t get me wrong the documentation is probably very good but its to be used as a reference rather than a guide.

The getting started videos on the other hand kind of introduce you to UE4 and show you fundamental concepts in a very beginner friendly way while the documentation expects you to know the stuff you learned in the video to use it.

@ No the video’s are accessible and I’ve watched them. I do not think they explain things properly and I think that an alternate text version would be a lot better as opposed to having a video walk you through it.

Yep , I can read and write a bit , but I don’t speak English, I’m never know sure 100% what they say in videos…

We actually have quite a lot of non-reference material in the documentation. There are quick start guides which walk you through the basics of various topics to get something up and running. There are how-to guides that cover specific concepts. We are also toying with the idea of learning tracks that present particular existing pages of the documentation in a linear flow to acquaint you with the things you need to know about a topic, development role, etc. These aren’t always direct copies of the tutorial videos, but some are actually very similar and we are adding more all the time.

I’m curious if you have seen any of things I mentioned above and whether you found them useful. That kind of feedback is invaluable.

Oh of course! I’ve been lurking for a lot around the documentation and I’ve been looking at the how to guides. The thing is, they’re not as newbie friendly as the video tutorials and i think what you said about making it more linear and having learning tracks is an excellent idea and it was something i was going to say. I guess you read my mind :smiley:

The problem with the quick how to guides is that they’re not quite clear enough and don’t thoroughly explain the steps of the process but rather give you a quick summary. For example take the setting up a character guide in the documentation, the character class screenshot doesn’t really explain what’s going on with the blueprints that are there. It assumes you know BP works and gives you a rather quick summary of what’s going on rather than thoroughly explain step by step how the Mouse Input,Jump Input and Movement Input work.

Also on the Pawn character blueprint there is a lack of info and lack of explanation about the camera and where you place it which was left out and assumes you watched the video tutorial. It also doesn’t explain or tell you why the there is a boundary box around the character and doesn’t explain how you should position it properly.

I’ve seen that most of the how to guides on the documentation seem to have quick summaries and lack a thorough walk through and don’t explain things well in detail. I think having each topics shown how they are used in practical situations would be a very good idea. And i think having learning tracks where you have a goal and focus like say making a third person camera game or a sidescroller to achieve within the documentation would be greatly beneficial.

It sounds like what you’re looking for is more long-form tutorials. Those are closer to our quick start guides which we would love to create more of as we have only just scratched the surface of topics. As always, time is the limiting factor, but we are working hard to get as many done as possible. :slight_smile:

The how-to guides are supposed to be shorter quick shots on how to do one specific thing. The learning tracks I mentioned are more a guided tour through parts of the documentation. So, for someone just starting out designing levels, we might have a Beginning Level Design track that walks you through the pages we think contain the basics of using the tools to create levels. These are less about creating something particular and more about leading people to relevant pages.

The page you mentioned isn’t actually one of the so called ‘how-to’ guides I was referring to, though it is somewhat similar. In fact, it was written before the video tutorials were made. The video tutorials were designed superficially to be a more in-depth walk through of the high level concepts in the written guide. We never went back and updated the written guide mainly because of time, but also because we felt video was the best, most useful format to present that information.

In general, we have to make conscious decisions on what formats to create things in to maximize their usefulness because there simply isn’t enough time in the day to provide every thing in every format. In a perfect world, we’d love to be able to do just that.

Thanks for the feedback. Don’t hesitate to let us know what kinds of topics we should cover and what formats you find most useful.


You guys have covered most of what is being portrayed.However herewith my thoughts:-

I am one like Death_Skull_DX, followed and did most the tutorials,they are very thorough and to the point.
However there is an exception to this, newbies like Death and myself, tend to take what was demonstrated and attempt to alter the concepts around our needs. What I am finding and maybe perhaps Death will agree, there isn’t really much resources to cover why things wont work, which in return we have to rely on the forum for feedback, sometimes the answers on the forums deviate from the true implementation concept we invision and takes away the point in the concept.

For example.
My post:- My Custom Even does not fire up - Blueprint Visual Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums

I have spent literally a week scratching through forums and Anshub trying to find an answer.
Fen has been a great user in trying his/her best to assist me, however I just cannot get it to work.

Now to go back to the tutorials are very literal.
I took the implementation concept from this vid:-- YouTube
Now taking his example of Assigning a custom event and calling it Move Up, I did very much the same, except I wanted it to Change the Text.

My personal feeling is within the Video in that section that provides details of the vid, it could contain links to your documentation of what buttons/Function was used and its purpose related only to that vid.Basically to summarize his information so I can read more about it with your documentation. In one case in the vid he creates a variable(Doesnt explain why or what its purpose is) then assigns the variable type as the Component of the object, information like that is actually critical but can be overlooked by newbies cause we dont understand.

For example he used custom event:-

custom event

Sure with some pausing and a quick google search I found this info. Just my thought is make it less work for the user to find your information, especially when you dont want the user scratching through other information that is not related. For example, Creating a custom event and calling an event is two different things, but thats what happened, I went reading and attempting to Cast event which was a waste of time.

No problem i think listening to the community and accepting feedback is a very respectable thing to do.

I think maybe having a project page where you can give projects which cover: Level Design, UI interface, BluePrints, Animations and etc. in a learn as you go method would be a good idea if possible.

Other than that however, UE4 will still be my Engine of choice since Epic honestly stepped up their game and arguably is better than Unity in my opinion :D.