[Request] icon in Blueprint EventGraph's nodes linking to online docs

Can we have a small icon in each graph pane node linking to online documentation explaining in more detail how to use it, with one or two practical examples? Or maybe if we hit F1 while a node is selected.

I’ve managed, using a blueprint, to make a cube keep looking at the player all the time, rotating to face him. But to make him smoothly follow the player’s position using VInterp to, I’m having trouble setting correctly its Delta Time and InterpSpeed parameters through trial-and-error.

Ah, I’ve managed to make it work (VInterp). DeltaTime input was missing. :slight_smile:
But I guess the Request is still valid.

Hi Athos,

I’m glad you managed to figure out the blueprint issue. In the future though, please remember to make separate UDN posts for issues like that. We like to keep 1 issue per post for the ease of assigning and answering. Thanks!

As for the original request, we definitely plan to have thorough documentation to explain all the parts of editor functionality, but it is a big task and still very much a work in progress. I have entered a report for your request to have online documentation that links directly from nodes.

Thanks for the feedback.

Ah, sorry. I was actually going to put into different posts, but didn’t want to flood it with too many posts. My mistake. :expressionless:

Thanks for entering the report.