[Request] I wish UE4 would use a customized window for file importing


It would be greatly time saving, if UE4 had a customized Import window similar to Maya for example, where you can save shortcuts to different folders.
I have materials, BG meshes, skeletal meshes, animations, etc, all saved in different folders, so I spend a lot of time jumping between folders
when importing files. Of course there is a workaround for that if I just arrange the folders on my desktop conveniently, but I`d rather
have the UE4 to keep track/allow me to customize shortcuts to my prefered folders.

Yes, please.

If you are on windows, have you tried using the favorites menu on the left? (either in any folder or file dialog) It’s incredibly useful and most people don’t even think about its existence.

A few other helpful tips: you can also drag-drop files into the content browser from the explorer to import them, and if you are iterating on the same asset you can right-click Reimport in the content browser as long as you keep saving the FBX or texture to the same filename each time.

Michael Noland